5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Copywriter for Your Website

When preparing the content for your new website, it’s important to realize that the text on the pages aren’t just for reading. The words on the page will work best for you if you have them keyword optimized, concise and crafted specifically for the web. Here are a few key reasons to hire a professional copywriter for your website.

1. Web copy isn’t the same as brochure copy

Beautifully written brochure text may work well for printed pieces that people can take with them and read at their leisure, but what most people don’t realize is that literary text is specifically crafted for reading comprehension and/or artistic expression. It can be as wordy or concise as the writer wants it to be, and only needs to be accurate and actually make sense to the reader.

Web copy is a little different. Sure we need to be sure the text is accurate and relevant, but the length of the text and the order in which the words appear is much more important. Not only do you have only a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention, but typically speaking, even the smartest people who read things online won’t give the same attention to what’s on the page so it’s very likely that some key information may be missed if not written for the Web and mobile audiences.

2. Not all copy is optimized for search engines

Search engine algorithms are always changing, which makes it difficult for even the most attentive SEO folks to keep up. Still, it’s always a safe bet to make sure your text has the

most appropriate and relevant keywords inserted into your Web text, and that it’s in the correct order. No matter how much those algorithms change, people’s keyword searching habits won’t. If someone is looking for a green widget with wings, that’s pretty much what they will type first: “Green widget with wings.” If you use these same words but insert other descriptive words or put them in a different order, the page might not be indexed the same and your rankings will suffer.

3. Not everyone is a great writer

Alright, confession time…I am not a copywriter. I am a decent writer, but I am not a skilled copywriter and I am aware that I need to enlist the assistance of a professional copywriter for my projects if I want to be sure that all grammar, punctuation, and word usage is as accurate as possible. Having said that, not all people are this aware. More often than not folks will just write their own text. Sure, that client is the best person to verify if the facts within are correct since he/she has a vested interest in the subject matter but often times there is an inadvertent absence of some key information. We all do it. We are so close to the subject matter that we take for granted that the reader will understand what we are talking about or we simply omit information not realizing that the audience isn’t actually able to read our mind.

The interesting thing I notice is that some clients will spend thousands of dollars to have a website custom designed and developed specifically for the most professional image possible, but when it comes time to craft the actual content this newly designed website is supposed to communicate, they don’t want to spend the money.

4. It’s hard to write your own material

Anyone I have ever talked to has agreed, that ‘creating/designing/writing for or about themself is the hardest part of the job’. We always scrutinize our own work so much that we almost never feel it is finished, but give me a project for a client and I have no problem. Why? I believe that when we do this type of work ourselves, we are too emotionally attached to the work, which is why are never truly satisfied.

It’s always a good idea to treat your own projects as actual projects and not fleeting personal desires that that can almost never be truly fulfilled. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some creative involvement with regards to what you’re looking for, but it really helps when we can let someone else do the driving.

5. Professionalism

This one is really a compilation of all of the above. Overall, if you are going to spend the time and money on your company’s image by having a custom designed logo, website, signage, brochure, etc., why not complete this and make sure the content is as custom and professionally crafted as the visuals? After all, no matter how good your site looks, if the content isn’t written well, then you may actually lose credibility with your audience and all your efforts to look professional will be wasted.

What are your thoughts?

Have you hired a copywriter before?

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