Why do website still have so many problems?

7 Reasons Many Websites Are Still Bad and How to Fix The Problems

Many websites you visit are bad. These websites may seem bad because of your personal preferences or there might be other underlying issues. For example, the design may be outdated, the site is not easy to use on mobile devices, there are too many ads and popups, the site could be very slow, or the site may not be using current web standards. Discarding current web standards could significantly affect if a visitor has good or bad experiences on the site. Here are some examples and suggestions to fix the more common problems.

Should I Use a Template For My Website

Should I use a template for my website?

Whether or not to use a template for websites is one of the most common questions and observations in the last few years. There are pros and we are going to give you the straight story: Good, Bad and Ugly.

Why Websites Don’t Last Forever

Why Websites Don’t Last Forever

It would great if things lasted forever. Even when when your website is created, its at the top of it’s game. Fast, modern, secure. But things change faster than you can imagine in the web world.

Maintain Your Website Like You Maintain Your Car

Maintain Your Website Like You Maintain Your Car

Would you continue to drive your car if you were out of oil? Would you see smoke coming out from under the hood and just keep driving like nothing was wrong? No, of course not. It is important to make sure your website, an important and valuable business asset, is always in proper working order.

Do You Know Who Owns Your domain?

Who owns your website domain?

You’d be surprised to learn that most people don’t even think about this question. It is the common assumption that the (unsuspecting) business owner who hires a website designer to create a new website and secure website hosting would be the actual owner of the website domain. This where things get a little confusing

If you build it they will come

If you build it, they will come

Find out what the fallacy is behind the “If you build it, they will come” concept, and find out what you can do to turn things around for your website.

How Often Should You Update Your Website

How Often Should You Update Your Website?

How often should you update your website? All websites have a lifespan and overhauling a website may be necessary for some more than others more often. It depends on how a site is built when it was created and if the site has any problems.

Keep Website Coding in the Designer’s Family

Keep Website Coding in the Designer’s Family

Clients look to Jessica Rosengard Designs (JRD) for guidance and advice. As the owner, that’s something I don’t take lightly. I am the biggest cheerleader for my clients’ brands and I want to steer them – and you – in the right direction. One question I am asked frequently is … KEEP READING