Inspiration and Success: How far I've Come

To have succeeded…

In a world filled with technology, chaos and competition, this favorite Ralph Waldo Emerson poem about success, reflection and gratitude inspires me. What inspires you?

4 Reasons Not to Use Free Email for Business

4 Reasons Not to Use Free Email for Business

Almost everyone I know has a personal email address (aside from a business or work email address). Some people even have an aol email address, if you can believe that. The amazing part, is that many people are still using these email addresses for their business! Yes, it’s true. The fancy-pants office down the street that is now doing a great business with a beautiful website, uses “aol” to direct their clients to communicate with them. My only response to this is: It’s time for a change!

How to overcome the Naysayers & Pessimists

How to overcome Naysayers & Pessimists and Handle the Pressure

At least once, you have encountered a naysayer or pessimist. The person who tells you your idea won’t work, or friends and family who insist you can’t do something. We’ve got surefire ways to respond to these naysayers and pessimists and hold your head high.