Contact me… if you can.

When a company spends the time and money to have a custom website developed, one would think that “Contact” would be a crucial aspect of the site. One would think that driving sales or attracting new customers was one of the primary goals. Well, I may have been proven wrong.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Over the last several days, I have encountered several websites that (surprisingly) had no contact information. You read that right. NO contact information. I was unable to find a phone number, email address, physical address or a contact form. Putting aside the quality of the website design, I was very confused how these companies expected to gain new business from their websites if not even a single visitor knew how to get in touch with them.

In many cases, the companies I am referring to may have felt it was more important to use flashy graphics and colors to impress their website visitors. It may be more beneficial to stick to some basic website design principles such as simplicity, easy navigation structure and of course, the beloved “contact us” information.

A website is a great tool in order to communicate with people that are not current customers/clients. It serves as a portal from which these potential customers can obtain information about the company, services it offers and how it can help that customer personally or professionally.

If it is time for your website to get a “facelift” but you feel you do not have enough website traffic to justify the expense of the facelift – You may want to stop and ask “why?”. It’s very possible that one reason you’re not getting enough new business from your website is the navigation and lack of accessible contact information. Of course you’re not getting enough traffic and sales from your website… No one knows how to get in touch with you!

Keep in mind: Aesthetics are important, but so is the ‘behind the scenes’ architecture of a website. Yes it needs to look attractive and relevant to the audience, but if the site is not coded well and does not function as expected, it is most definitely not going to provide the results you are looking for. Therefore, it is less likely that the site will be visible to new customers/clients. Ultimately, less business generated from the most commonly used communication medium in the world: The Internet.

Worry less about what you “like and want” about websites, and focus more on your customers, what they are looking for and if the site is easy to use. Get the unbiased opinion of non-employees who aren’t as familiar with your business so you know if it will work. When you make things as easy as possible for your customer when they visit your website, they will feel you care about what they want.

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