Have you looked at your site on mobile lately?

One of the most common requests we get is whether or not a client’s website is going to be mobile friendly or responsive or if it will able to be viewed on mobile devices.

The answer is yes.

Being mobile friendly is a small part of a much bigger issue.

When planning the design of a mobile site, many things need to be considered. Most importantly, HOW users are going to interact with your website on a mobile device is crucial.

You want people to enjoy the experience on your website when they’re interacting with it on a mobile device just as much as when they’re on a desktop.

This is something that many people totally overlook. A website is for the user, not the website owner. Period.

Since mobile devices have so much less real estate than desktop computers, it’s crucial that websites are designed properly so users can get the best experience. After all, people don’t need the same website experience on a phone as on a desktop computer. Time is limited and attention spans are short. Typically, those people are just looking for specific information. And they want that information quick and they want it to be easy to access. When there are obstacles like popups and large intrusive ads it becomes difficult for the user to properly interact with content. The the experience and attitude towards a brand is negative.

Take a look at the following images. We have taken screen shots from actual website we visited and you’ll probably find them familiar and even be equally frustrated by what you see.

Are you planning your mobile site design properly?

When your website isn’t planned properly so mobile visitors can interact with your content, users may become too frustrated and leave before ever finishing their transaction. Reading an article also becomes so frustrating, a user may choose not to finish because they just don’t want to put up with the complexities or poorly designed interface.

Something to think about…

How many times have you clicked through to a site on your mobile device only to find it was littered with so many ads you weren’t sure where the actual article content was? Or perhaps you tried to scroll through to read the article but the ad was so large no took up so much of the screen you ended up tapping it accidentally and wound up on another page.

This might be what the advertiser wants but that’s not the point of YOUR website and the article or page that brought your visitor there in the first place.

Everyone has experienced this at some point no matter who they are. Between popups you aren’t able to close because the close button is too small or impossible to find, ads that take up more space than article text, navigation that can’t be found, images that are too large for wen and cause a page to load too slow, or even sites that really aren’t designed at all with the size of a mobile device in mind, ultimately hiding way too much of the content or simply not properly making the website adapt to. Mobile device’s size.

Have you looked at your own site mobile site lately?

So take a look at your own site. Look at it like a user, not the owner of the site. What do you think someone thinks and feels about your brand when they visit your site? Do you think the user would recommend the site to someone? Is it easy to use or find the content? If not, why? Would you want to use the site again?

We can help.

Advanced planning, user experience design and developing a site that a user will enjoy is what we do best. Let’s talk about your site and how to make it better. Complete the quick form below to setup a consultation so we can get started today.

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