Maintain Your Website Like You Maintain Your Car

Editor’s note: this post has been updated for comprehensiveness and includes more relevant information.

Would you continue to drive your car if you were out of oil? Would you see smoke coming out from under the hood and just keep driving like nothing was wrong?

No, of course not! That’s crazy, right?

If you want your car to get you where you’re going, then you put the time and money in to maintain it and give it the proper updates. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck along the road somewhere waiting for help.

Nothing lasts forever

Websites are no longer a “set it and forget it” business tool. They are investments that require routine maintenance, just like your car. You work hard for the money you put into getting your website created, so don’t let it fall apart while you watch.

The Internet is always evolving, which means there are constant changes to code, security vulnerabilities, and content changes that should always be looked at.

Even if your site is secured with plugins and other fancy code, there is always someone who is going to be a little bit smarter and way ahead of you that can find a way to hack your site. Will it happen? The odds tell me ‘probably not’, but I have seen some of my sites get hacked with a vengeance, while others are never touched a single time.

How much is your site worth?

At the end of the day, if your site was hacked and you had no backup of all the content, images, and other information, how much is that site really worth to you? The overall expense of paying someone to maintain your site on a monthly basis will be far less than skating along with no maintenance and no backups and paying when something bad happens. If you lost everything, how much do you think it would cost if you had to re-hire someone to re-code and populate content on your site all over again?

Neglect gets very expensive

How much do you think it would cost to fix the engine of a car that was destroyed because the oil hadn’t been changed in more than 2 years, tires never rotated, filters never changed, and that funny grinding noise every time you started the car was never checked out?

This is what happens with your website when you don’t get it looked checked out and cleaned regularly. Just like finding that one day when you put your key in the ignition and the car won’t start, your website could be down. This could cost you more than an ongoing maintenance or repair bill, but lost business. And after all, isn’t that why you have a website? For your customers?

Stay ahead of problems

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Dazed and Confused?

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