Most commonly used internet browsers & OS

The freedom of choice. It’s great to have so much to choose from and yet, sometimes we have no idea which is the best choice. Is there even such a thing a “best choice” when it comes to a website browser? Some say yes. Some say no.

There are so many internet browsers from which to choose. Sometimes that choice depends on the type of work you do, if your company dictates what you can use, compatibility with certain company software programs, website development, etc. Often times, to the average personal home computer user, the browser most often used is the default browser that comes with the computer upon purchase.

Website browser use is a common topic of debate amongst most website designers/developers. All browsers behave slightly different from one another. Whether it be appearance, standards compliance, speed, plugins, operating sytstem… take your pick. We all have our reasons.

I am most curious (for now) what the most is the most commonly used browser and the platform on which it is used.  In addition to your vote, I would love to hear the reason, so please… feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts, reasons and preferences. The feedback might more useful than you might think!

Thanks in advance for participating and stay tuned for a follow up to this post! I think the results will be very interesting!

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