Supersize me? No Thank you!

Every company wants their website to look fantastic. The goal is not only to create a portal from which people can obtain information, but also to impress the visitor with graphics.

Something is going on in the meta-verse that I need to address: Scripts that take over my browser and resize it for me – against my will. The message seems to be:

If you want to view our website, we will take control. Otherwise, you can leave. In other words: Supersize me!

This is hardly the message you want your customers to receive when they are visiting your website. Especially if it is the first time they are visiting. If they wanted their browser window to take up the entire computer screen, they would have sized it that way when they started browsing.

Remember, your website experience isn’t about YOU. The experience is about your visitor. Of course, it would be wonderful if your website was the only thing that visitor could see when they experienced your photography or products. The reality is that most people are multi-tasking when they are “surfing the internet”. Having multiple windows open at any time isn’t uncommon for many people. When you force the visitor’s browser to resize against their will, it is irritating.

One thing many companies do not seem to remember: Personal computers are personal! Every user has their own settings, habits and window sizes. If you force what YOU want onto the visitor, you take the chance at looking pushy, inconsiderate and oblivious to what your customer wants.

If you put your visitor’s needs first, you are likely to receive more positive results. Don’t worry so much about being Flashy with your website. Remember:

Less is more.

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