Our Creative Process Example

Creating any new design project created from scratch, can and does feel overwhelming for any client. We work hard to make it as smooth as we can. Although every project is unique, our creative process timeline below, is a realistic example to help you better understand what is involved when we are working.

  • Consultation

    Our creative process gets started by discussing the scope of your project, your needs, your goals, etc. This step in the process is crucial in order for us to best understand your needs and determine if we are the best fit for your project. This also helps us to determine the best approach your project and solve your creative “problems”. We gather any and all required information from you, and move on to the next phase:  preparing your estimate.

  • Project Proposal and Estimate

    A crucial part of the project and creative process is preparing an estimate and proposal based on the specific details gathered during our initial consultation. Your estimate and  proposal will summarize the scope of your project’s deliverables to be included in your project.

    Once we receive your approved  proposal and your initial deposit is paid, the creative phase of your project will finally begin.

  • Content, Content, Content

    At this stage, the client will gather & send all the content that will be on the website. This is includes  text, photos, forms, and documents that will need to be downloaded. Everything that you would expect to be included and found on your website when it’s completed.

    Before any planning, designs or code can begin, ALL content must be received. It is important to understand that we do don’t necessarily design websites, we design your content. Knowing what we will be working with helps us to plan and inspires us to create something fantastic with all your content and photos.

  • Planning and Research

    This is where the magic starts happening. As we review all your content text, photos and other elements, we are making sure everything is provided in the correct and optimal format. Planning and mapping out a new site architecture and user experience for your site is one of our favorite parts of the creative process.

    Creating a proper site architecture is the backbone structure of your site and the basis of how people will use your site. The user experience (UX) is the first step in creating a great, easy to use website on any device.

  • Graphic Design and Layout

    Colors. Images. Shapes. Layers.

    The creative process doesn’t start and end here. The graphic design is only the first p art of putting all the pieces together.We proceed. to gather all your text and images, and design a custom graphic interface from scratch. Everything we create is custom based on your individual business needs and goals. We take great care to ensure what we create will reach your audience and communicate your message.

  • Development

    The next part our creative process involves the coding and development. It isn’t always understood as a “design” element,  but coding and development  bring our visual design to life. After receiving approval from you on the graphic design of your website design, development begins in each area of the site on our local servers.

  • Content Population

    Now that we have gotten this far and have a framework that is alive, we begin to enter your content into the custom developed areas and may go back and forth with the design to tweak all of your text and images into each page and section to make sure it functions as expected. This is when we start getting the website ready to present to you for review. During this phase, we work hard and focus on making sure the site will work properly on all devices including desktops and laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

  • Client Review and Revisions

    Finally! You will receive a link to our live development server to preview your website, review the different sections and compile a list of any revisions that will need to be made prior to completion.

  • Final Review and Approval

    It’s your turn to do a final review of the website. That last once over to make sure we have covered all our bases. When you have reviewed and approved the development site, we can finally. schedule a launch date!

  • Site Launch

    The day you have been waiting for! We’re preparing all the final website files, tapping into your live server and installing your website. Final testing is done to be sure everything is working properly and if all looks good, we’re done!

It’s your turn! Ready to get started?

Let’s get started!