Why Basic and Simple Doesn’t Equal Cheaper

In an upcoming podcast I recorded with Dan Nisbet on Graphic Designer Podcast, we discuss the Creative Process. Almost any creative person, artist, designer, developer, etc. will tell you that being creative on demand is not as easy as it sounds. Coming up with that one great idea for a new project can take many many hours. Especially for the most simplistic designs.

When you see those clean websites, advertisements and magazine layouts that you think take two seconds to do, I can assure you, many hours of sweet and sleepless nights were involved. The designer(s) didn’t just sit down with a blank screen and create those layouts in an hour. Simply put, it doesn’t work that way.

I can tell you from experience that I have gotten my inspiration for some of my greatest designs when I wasn’t even siting at my computer. Sometimes, I am laying in bed just about to fall asleep. Sometimes I am watching a movie. Other times, I may be out to dinner, walking down the street, talking on the phone, making dinner or doing anything BUT siting at my computer.

The thing about being a creative person working in the design industry (and I feel this applies to just about any type of creative person) is that we are constantly being influenced by things around us. Nature, people, cars, the weather, sounds, silence, colors, fashion, technology, other designs, animals, construction, garbage, food… you name it. You wouldn’t believe the things that would strike inspiration.

Then, that moment we get that flash of inspiration and we rush over to our computer or notepad to get it recorded and start working, we enter into the “perspiration” phase of the work. Things might start flowing a little faster since we finally have a direction. If we are lucky, we might have nailed it and find ourselves a winner. Other times, we find that a concept doesn’t work as well on paper as it did in our head and we have to go back to the proverbial drawing board.

Bottom line: it is a process. No matter how complex or simple a design ultimately is when it is complete, the price is not dependent on that complexity or simplicity. It is based on the creative process. Basic and Simple Doesn’t Equal Cheaper.

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